Ricardo Jattan

My passion for building and designing started modestly in Toronto, Canada, my home town. My ideas were big but our premises were small. I founded a small business with my best friend and we created miracles from our garage. It’s great to have vision, but in order to really grow you need guidance and mentors. Moving to the United States allowed me to assist and learn from some amazing Production Designers over the course of nine years and it gave me the grounding in construction, management of crew and of budget that is so crucial on every job whether it be a film, television commercial or styling on a book. It was from that great education that I became a Production Designer and have never looked back.

I love the new challenges on every job, if it’s a sleek modern interior, rustic aging façade, or futuristic ship or a child’s bedroom. I have a wonderful team of people who have collaborated with me for many years to bring these ideas into reality. I endeavor to make every situation work regardless of challenging budgets and tricky logistical locations.
I have worked on several feature films, and over 500 commercials. I’ve been extremely lucky to have collaborated with famous directors, producers and celebrities.

After more than 20 years in this business I still love my job, designing is in my blood. I’m happy to be part of a group of people coming together and creating a beautiful set under tight deadlines and budget. Late at night in a cold studio its heartening to hear laughter and see smiles on the faces of a small transient family that come together for one project, one day perhaps, and together we create something very real but somehow its also magical.

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